Bird Supplies

Bird Supplies

Kookaburra Bird Shop has the largest selection of bird supplies in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex. If you are looking for wrought iron parrot cages, food, toys, vitamins, or anything you can dream of wanting for your pet bird, we have it or can locate it. 

Not sure what you are looking for? Kookaburra Bird Shop’s staff has over 36 years experience helping pet bird owners find the right solution for their bird’s nutrition or entertainment needs.    

If you can’t find what you are looking for, we have special ordering available on many items or the ability to custom make bird toys that are no longer being made but are your bird's favorite.  Call our shop for more details.  

Our parrot supply inventory is always changing and you are sure to always find something new when you visit us! 
  • Java Trees & Bird Seed Mixes

    We have sizes for all types of pet birds.

  • 100's of Bird Toys

    Always changing & something new.

  • Complete Cage Kits

    Everything you need for your bird and customizable to suit your budget.

  • Cookable foods & Pellets

    Crazy Corn, Roudybush, PrettyBird & more.

  • Table Top Java Perches & Gourmet Seed Mixes

    Everything is fresh & in orginal packaging to guarantee safety.

  • Avicakes, Nutriberries, & Oven Baked Foods

    Variety is important and we have what your parrot needs.

  • Pet Bird Cages

    Small to Large we have everyting suitable for the smallest finches to the largest macaws.

  • Pelleted Diets

    PrettyBird, Intune, ZooPreem just to name a few.

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