Meet the Kooks

Meet the Kooks

and stop by to have your photo taken with Miranda - "the World's Friendliest Macaw"

Michelle Beckley grew up in the Pet Industry. Her mother started Kookaburra Pet Shop in 1979 when Michelle was 10 years old with a primary focus on pet birds.

Her love of animals continued throughout her life and she attended Texas A&M and graduated with a degree in Biomedical Science in 1992. 

Upon graduation, she worked for both a wholesaler and manufacturer learning all aspects of the pet business before purchasing Kookaburra and changing it's name to Kookaburra Bird Shop, LLC in October 2003.

Michelle continues her mother's vision of a clean, friendly, knowledgable bird store and has changed the running of the pet shop by computerizing and keeping the website and social media active.  

"Parrots are our Passion" - Kookaburra Bird Shop's slogan is in her blood. She strives to enrich both the lives of pet birds and their caregivers every day.

John Riley started working for Kookaburra Bird Shop in 1993 while in high school attending Newman Smith High School. His strong love of all animals made him a perfect fit for a career in the pet industry.

Mr. Riley continued his education at Texas A&M University and obtained a degree in Biomedical Science in 2001. While attending college, he spent his summer vacations working and learning more about pet birds at Kookaburra Bird Shop. Once he graduated, he became manager of the shop and continues to enrich the lives of pet birds on a daily basis.

Over the years, Mr. Riley has become a leading Avian Behaviorist in the United States helping 100s of people with their feathered friends. Mr. Riley frequently says, “There are no bad birds, you just have to learn what they are saying”. This is good news for pet birds who live upwards of 80 years and frequently have more than one caregiver in their lifetime. His expertise enhances the lives of rescued or re-homed pet birds by teaching old birds and their new caregivers how to live harmoniously together. 

Chris Herod started working for Kookaburra Bird Shop in 2008. He is Kookaburra Bird Shop's behind the scenes guy making sure all of the pets both furry and feathered are clean and fed.  

Chris has several pet birds of his own and a couple dogs. He has a passion for for all animals.  

His calm personality is perfect for Kookaburra's boarders both furry and feathered. Michelle frequently catches him softly talking and petting scared animals until they are calm, eating, and socializing with our other visitors.

When you come into the shop, you may catch Chris feeding treats to the birds.

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