Birds for Adoption AKA Second-Hand Birds

Birds for Adoption AKA Second-Hand Birds

"Parrots are our passion" is not just a slogan; it is our philosophy. Kookaburra Bird Shop is here because we care about parrots, and parrot owners. Kookaburra is concerned about the increase of second hand parrots in need of good homes. We are also concerned about the parrot owners who feel that they can no longer provide a good home to their parrot. 

As a service to the community, we provide a parrot listing service at low cost. If you have a parrot in need of a good home, please give us a call.

When you call Kookaburra Bird Shop, one of our Avian Behaviorists will first try to understand why you are no longer able to care for the parrot. As time permits, we will offer some simple advice, and do anything we can to help you with your situation. Sometimes a little help can make keeping your pet bird an option.

On a case by case basis, we will decide if a listing in our parrot adoption service is the best option. A one time $50 fee will be charged for our listing services.

*Please note the birds on this page are listed by Kookaburra Bird Shop, LLC only. All promises are made by the individual owners of the birds and have nothing to do with Kookaburra Bird Shop, LLC. Talking with the original owner provides the best information for the new owner and is best for the bird.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours, after payment is received, for y our listing to appear on the website.

Current Birds Listed
please use contact information with listing

Name: : Eric Elwell
Email: :
Phone: : 817-691-3919
Adoption Price: 700.00
Bird's Name: Sammy
Bird's Location: Grapevine, TX
Bird Type/ Species: Double Yellow Headed Amazon
Bird's Sex if Known: F
Bird's Age (year): 27
How many years with current owner?: 26
Veterinarian who last saw bird.: 
Last Vet Visit: 2005
Cages included with adoption: 1
Toys included with adoption: 5
Other items included with adoption: Shower Perch, Playtop with Cage, Food container, transfer perch
Reason for adoption: Sam has been a wonderful companion for many years. Unfortunately my travel for work has increased significantly. My family isn’t around enough to pick up the slack for giving her the attention she needs and deserves either. She deserves much more attention than I can give her now and it will be a very sad day when we find her forever home. 
Known behavioral problems: Sometimes Sam can get separation anxiety and get loud if left alone for periods of time during the day light hours.
Positive Notes: Sam can laugh, whistle, cluck, say, ‘come here’, ‘bye bye’, ‘Sammy want a cracker’, make a ringing sound like a phone, and will try to mock you when excited. She loves getting gently bathed with a bird sprayer in the shower. She has a perch on a tripod that I set up in the shower and she will step up on the perch or my finger when I say ‘up’ to transfer her to the shower. 
She loves her toys with bells, and especially enjoys new and stimulating toys to chew. Her cage has a play top perch and food bowls and she likes to climb out of the open door to the top, and hang out when I’m in my office. 
She eats a protein pellet and parrot seed mixture that I custom mix for her. She also loves fresh fruit, unshelled almonds, and several types of vegetables. Her favorite is corn on the cob cut in to pieces! 
Sam is still very trainable. 
She loves it when our dog comes by the cage to say hello, and shows no fear of the cat when she comes around, but she is always secure in her cage when they come around. 
The Double Yellow Head is a long lived bird, so if you are not prepared for a long term commitment, Sam is not the right parrot for you. John at Kookaburra said that Double Yellow heads can easily live in to their 40’s and 50’s. Sam is 29, so she would be a great companion for a retired family, or a family that is mostly home during the day. 
The price is negotiable to the right family and we will need to have you over for a thorough visit so that you can get a good feel for Sam. Lastly, I will take Sam back with a full refund if things don’t work out. 

Name: : Melissa Guillet
Email: :
Phone: : 8177134660
Adoption Price: $200
Bird's Name: Moon Blue and Sun Jewel
Bird's Location: Trophy Club
Bird Type/ Species: Parrotlet
Bird's Sex if Known: One male one female brother and sister
Bird's Age (year): 1
How many years with current owner?: 1
Veterinarian who last saw bird.: Southlake Animal Hospital
Cages included with adoption: 1
Toys included with adoption: 10
Other items included with adoption: Food
Reason for adoption: Recent tragic family illness.
Known behavioral problems: They don't step up yet so they're a little flighty when you go to get them out of their cage. Once they are out of their cage they are easy to handle and great with kids. 

Positive Notes: Great with kids and people. They are only 6 months old- they adoption form wouldn't let me put a smaller number. They come with a large cage with a stand and wheels. 
New Paragraph
Name: : Dawn Williams
Email: :
Phone: : 972-839-2893
Adoption Price : $900
Bird's Name : Dobby
Bird's Location : Frisco
Bird Type/ Species : Military Macaw
Bird's Sex if Known : Male
Bird's Age (year) : 3
How many years with current owner? : 2
Veterinarian who last saw bird. : Summer tree Animal & Bird Clinic
Last Vet Visit : 04/2016
Other items included with adoption : Tree bird stand
Reason for adoption : I am moving overseas and am unable to take him with me.

Known behavioral problems : He really doesn't have any behavioral problems. He does get a little aggressive when bored but that is easy to prevent with plenty and varied toys. He hates having a bath which is unusual for birds but you just have to be persistent with him.

Positive Notes : Dobby is a well socialized, happy, affectionate bird. He does like attention and will need someone that has a lot of time to spend with him. He loves to be around you all the time and be involved in everything you do. He needs a lot of toys to keep him busy. When he gets bored he can get ornery. He's a busy little fella. He is good with other animals. We have a cat and five dogs and he rules the roost. He likes to feed the dogs and makes them beg for food. He likes to "help" me make dinner every night and likes to test all of the veggies to make sure they're fresh. He calls the kiddos to dinner every night. Somehow he knows when it's ready and of course has to share in the feast. I love this fella and want to make sure he goes to a good home. Someone experienced with big birds and will spend time with him. I will be sad to say goodbye to him.

Name: : Whitney
Email: :
Phone: : 972.268.0938 (text only please)
Adoption Price : $800
Bird's Name : Byrdie
Bird's Location : Dallas, TX
Bird Type/ Species : Eclectus
Bird's Sex if Known : Female
Bird's Age (year) : 5 approx
How many years with current owner? : 3
Other items included with adoption : willing to discuss toys and cages if needed
Reason for adoption : Byrdie needs a human with more experience, time and patience when it comes to her breed's behaviors and training requirements.
Known behavioral problems : Byrdie's Two Cents: 

"Thank you, I know I’m pretty. Don’t let that distract you: I’m a lot of work! I tend to be hormonal and possessive of my human. I like to search for cozy, nesting places but my human won’t allow it. I'm told veggies help my attitude but I don't like those! My curfew is strict (she makes me sleep 12 hours each night) but I like her much more than her boyfriend (men are gross). I like to bite him to remind him who she should love most. 

I am yours and you are mine. Naturally, you should be with me all the time. When I’m alone, I will honk for you until you come back. My human tells me I should learn to be a bird but she’s the crazy one. What’s foraging anyway?"

Positive Notes : Byrdie loves showers more than anything else. She enjoys napping while I play the piano and sitting outside on a branch eating fruit. Riding on your shoulder is her favorite way to get around. She is not necessarily playful or cuddly but wants to watch everything you do. Groups of people are ok as long as she's allowed to watch and no one invades her space. No sign of talking yet but she clucks, whistles and laughs. She's also potty trained.

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