Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding at Camp Kookaburra

Why board your dog with us?

1. New outdoor fenced play areas allow your dogs to play outside with friends or alone depending on their personality a minimum of 3 times a day.  Two areas available 1 for small dogs and 1 for large dogs.

2.  Complimentary status updates of your dog with photo and how they are doing emailed Monday - Saturday at no extra charge to you!

3. Our facilities have a maximum compacity of 20 dogs which means we can give your dog the attention that he/she deserves.

4. We are just 1/4 a mile from Carrollton’s Greenbelt trails which means for a small extra charge we can take active dogs on extra long walks or runs!

5. Blankets & food bowls provided. You are welcome to bring your own if wanted. All blankets are changed out daily and as need to assure your pet is always sleeping on clean bedding.

6. Our facility is cleaned from top to bottom everyday and we do not recirculate the air in our building which helps keep disease transfer to an absolute minimum. Please stop in to see for yourself!

7.  All Dog Care Givers have completed an extensive 30 day Training Program from the Dog Gurus.

Holidays fill up please use the link below to request your dogs booking.

What do we need before your dog stays with us? 

1. Your dog’s full shot record can be faxed or e-mailed before their stay. (972) 492-2856 or  

2. We recommend you treat your dog on whatever flea treatment you use before their stay. If we find fleas on your pet, we will treat them with a flea bath at an extra charge.   

3. Reservations are required and during holiday times we fill up and require a non-refudible deposit. Please call us for more details.

4. Please bring your dog’s food, bedding, treats, collar, leash & toys with their name written on their items.
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