Fromm Family Dog & Cat Food

Can I rotate foods of my dog or cat?

We created the Four-Star Nutritionals line of products specifically to provide variety and encourage rotation. Each recipe is designed to be complimentary, and after transitioning to Fromm, many customers have success rotating between Four-Star recipes and even our other lines including Fromm Gold and Fromm Classic. 

Finding the right food for your dog or cat is sometimes trial and error. One of the benefits of Fromm's interchangeable lines is the ability to switch seamlessly to new recipes should you or your dog or cat become unsatisfied with a particular entrée. However, all dogs and cats are different, and some dogs or cats have more sensitive stomachs which may prevent them from enjoying a particular recipe or a rotational diet. Other dogs or cats are more robust and require no transition period between recipes. It's really up to you and your pet how much rotation you would like to incorporate into their diet.

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